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Village Halls

In Depth are proud to specialise in creating the right first impressions for customers and visitors to your Village Hall.  We have the expertise, the professional training and the best equipment available to keep your Village Hall flooring, upholstery and hard floor looking at its optimum cleanliness.

We are a company with 5* reviews that continually strive for the best customer service and utilises the best cleaning methods recommended.  We have invested in the most powerful self-contained truckmounted cleaning system (up to 20 times more powerful than a portable machine), removing bacteria and unwanted contaminants, dry soil and stains from carpets, upholstery and hard floors.  Power and pressurised hot water are supplied from the van.   Soiled waste water is then stored on the van – we do not need to flush soiled water down your clean toilets.  Along with the most advanced cleaning solutions, that are non-toxic and safe around visitors – you are guaranteed the most thorough clean.

Carpeting, upholstery and hard floors in village halls are subject to a great deal of foot traffic, grease and food stains.  They require customised cleaning programs to enhance their appearance and prolong their life.

For Commercial Carpets and Upholstery our cleaning processes involve a thorough pre-inspection, vacuuming, spot-treatment, application of soil pre-conditioning solution, pile lifting agitation, powerful hot water extraction, post grooming of the pile and drying aids.  We also post bonnet to help dry the cleaned areas.

For Hard Floors our processes include power cleaning, sealing and polishing.  A unique restoring and cleaning procedure will be adapted to your floor based on the results of the initial inspection – all procedures are not the same for all floors.

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