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Here at In Depth we are aware that a good mattress is a significant investment – you will therefore want this to last as long as possible.

Mattresses can be one of the least cleaned items in a house. Dead skin cells, dust and sweat all find their way into the fibres of the mattress and if not cleaned, will remain there.

Let In Depth clean and sanitise your mattress – leaving it clean and fresh.

Why use In Depth?

  • Our products safely eliminate bacteria, odours and soiling, without leaving behind any residue. Dust mites, which are a common cause of unpleasant allergies, will also be removed without harmful chemicals or commonly used pesticides.
  • While a professional clean is essential to keep your mattress fresh and functional, we also recommend giving it a basic clean once or month or so, by thoroughly vacuuming.
  • You should also air your mattress every few months by placing it outside in a sunny spot. This helps to prevent a build-up of moisture, and therefore mould, as well as allowing any odours to escape into the atmosphere.

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